Thursday, July 5, 2012

Heat Wave - Memphis Maternity Photography

I'm trying out something new today! Over the years, I have received quite a few requests to see more images from each session. Well, I love to share... but it has always been important to me to retain some surprises for my clients beyond the sneak peek. Today, I decided to post many images from one session to give you guys a better idea of how my sessions work. Of course, every session is different and is custom-built depending on the client. Do you guys like this format better? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook! There are still more to come, mom and dad!

How great are these two models, by the way? You guys are naturals! Looks like a model album to me! I tend to get wrapped up in shooting and lose all awareness of my surroundings while I work, and I managed to slice my foot open on a broken bottle during this shoot. Thanks for not flipping out that I bled all over your shoot, guys! :) Need first-aid kit in car... check! Not to mention the temp was over 100 degrees. Such troopers! Can't wait to meet the little man!!

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