Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Takin' Care of Business - Memphis Family Photography

TCB, as Elvis used to say! How much do you wish this post included a newborn dressed as Elvis? Oh man, I do! Sadly, it doesn't, but it DOES include some exciting Jen Howell Photography news!

First, the bad news for some of you: after lots and lots of thought and consideration, I've decided to no longer offer holiday mini-sessions on pre-planned dates. Holiday mini-sessions are great- don't get me wrong- they're just not ME. My goal is to create beautiful art of your family, not to snap a couple shots then run to the next waiting client. There are plenty of discount studios for that type of photography.

With that said, the great news is that I WILL still be offering mini-sessions, just in a different format than before. Instead of lining up full days of mini-sessions at each holiday that rolls around, I will now be offering mini-sessions exclusively to clients who have booked a full lifestyle session within the calendar year, and (here's the great news!) they can be booked at any time! I'm calling the new mini-sessions "Milestone Minis." I do think mini-sessions have a place in fine art photography- it's about life's little details!

Already had your annual full photo shoot for your family but wish you could get just a few sweet shots of your little princess's toothy grin after her first lost tooth? Wish you could snap a couple photos of your little ones in their Easter finest but don't need a full session just for that? Think it would be awesome to catch some photos of your little man learning to skateboard? Need a good winter shot and holiday cards? Now you can capture those moments with Milestone Minis, and here are the details!

As mentioned above, Milestone Minis will ONLY be offered to clients who have had a full lifestyle session within the current calendar year. Each Mini will last up to 30 minutes at Jen's artistic discretion and will include 5-15 proofs in an online gallery for you to choose from. No prints or digital files are included in the session fee. Minis may not be booked for children under 1 year of age and may not include more than 5 people. There is no minimum order for these special sessions. Minis will be booked on a limited basis and because of their limited availability may require more advance notice than usual.

Milestone Mini Sessions
by Jen Howell Photography
Just $65!
Available starting April 2012

And here's a picture of a really cute baby, since I know that's the reason most of you stopped by!

Milestone Mini Sessions by Jen Howell Photography

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  1. I think these milestone mini's are a wonderful way to take advantage of your work all through the year!